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Road to the Altar 

The hardest thing about getting married is planning the wedding.

Road to the Altar is a 10-episode webseries following one man’s journey through Weddingland.  As Simon, played by Jaleel White (remember Urkel?), pops the question to Rochelle, played by Leyna Juliet Weber, they begin navigating the tumultuous wedding racket. All the while an incompetent reality crew follows them mock-u-ality style.  Taffeta napkin selecting and mini-wiener tasting pave a turbulent road to the altar.  A series of on-location interviews with the vendors (VLOGS) accompany the series, giving the audience a hilarious all-access pass to the opinions and goings on from all points of view.

Produced by Max Goldenson & MWG Entertainment, Road was written by Annie Lukowski & Leyna Juliet Weber, and directed by Annie Lukowski.

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